Who am I?

Who am I??

That’s one question even I’m searching the answer for. But right now all I can say is that I’m a student, currently 16 in my junior year. Honestly this list can go on and on but for now let’s keep it brief

It quite scares me that I don’t know where I am headed though most of my pals have already decided what they want to do with their life. So that’s the main reason why I’m starting this blog. To seek my passion and know that there are others exactly like me who have no clue at all. Nope, just me? Oh I hope not!

People do tell me that writing in a journal helps me to keep my priorities in check and though that does work at times I feel that is not enough. Filling a book with words might add a dramatic flair in life but I do feel that it is meaningless as no one else can read it except the writer. This is why Penny and me can be great friends:) Get it, girl online fans?

Ta da! That’s it for now. I welcome all of your comments, insights and tips on how to make my blog better. But I must say that I do not tolerate cyber bullying. It’s great that you have your own opinion but my blog should be a site where people help each other and spread love and positiveness . So please keep your cynical views to yourself.

As this is my first blog I’ve kept it general. But please let me know what you want to read next in the comments.

Goodbye lovely readers!!

Happy blogging!


5 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey Daisy ,
    Would love to read on the below topics

    • What is the greatest peer pressure you have felt?
    • If you could live one day of your life again, which day would it be and why?
    • What’s the biggest change you have made in your life over the recent years

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