It ain’t worth it

Hey y’all!!! I know that I have been incognito for the past couple weeks, my exams being the sole reason. True, I have one more to go but I would most definitely prefer to have a cup of coffee and blog than sit in my chair all day and do problems that could be easily done by a calculator.

Today, I have decided to take a detour and focus on something that I have never opened up to before and definitely not on a huge platform-Relationships. Ahh, I can almost hear a groan from the more “practical” ones and a sigh from the fantasy lovers. Not going into the details, but I have been there. I have had experienced emotions and feelings which were once the reasons for my tears but have now been my greatest mentor. I have learned how to love. How to love myself.

Did you ever experience that agony of waiting for that one message? You keep looking at your phone every five minutes hoping you receive a text from that special someone. Half an hour changes to one hour but nothing. And all of a sudden it’s not gravity that is holding you. It’s that random person you met two days back. It’s amusing how your priorities change. You wake up everyday hoping you get that text. And after hours and hours of ruminating and over analyzing as to where you went wrong, you hear the wonderful sound of your phone buzzing. Despite your control freak façade urging you to make him/her wait, you reflexively text them back. And it goes back again to square one- Waiting. And before you know it you find yourself dancing to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies’ and running off to Walmart for another box of tissues. Again.

Now I want you to take a minute and think if you want to flip the table over. How about making him/her wait? How about tackling that huge stack of papers you left uncompleted ? How about working your butt off to enter that college you have been dreaming about your whole life or saving enough money to go vacationing to that exotic place you have been wanderlusting about? How about letting go off all your anxieties and living in the moment?

Now the question arises. How? Well for starters, do something you love! Whatever you do make sure you don’t have your phone with you. If it’s absolutely mandatory that you require it, you could always mute their notifications or switch your phone off for a while. Now focus on yourself and channel your inner zen. Try doing something that takes your mind of them. Try going an hour without checking your phone and gradually increase your hours. Make sure that you at least spend one day a week without social media and you will thank me later. Instead of spending you time on your phone go out and make memories with people who fills your void with love and positiveness. And before you know it, you will feel those walls you built around yourself giving way to dust.

How do I know this? Not proud of it but I was a victim. I have realized that life is too short to waste your tears on a person who has a heart of ice.

After all are you that naive to believe that your value as a person depends on that specific call? Nah, it ain’t worth it.

My biggest peer pressure

You know that feeling when you at last buy that new exorbitant Louis Vuitton bag at that designer shop you have been window shopping at for the past three months but you don’t experience that priceless joy you have been bottling up for that precise moment? Bummer, most people would say. Maybe you would have been more contended with a less costly sleek watch. Maybe you are just not that into glitz and glamour. Or maybe it’s a wake up call to keep your priorities in check.

Ever since I was a little girl all I would hear was how great I would look in a white coat branded by the title Dr.Daisy Verghese. Everyone from my parents to my teachers and even to my distant relatives would say the same. Being the simple, naive girl I was, I paid heed to their advice without first consulting myself if being a doctor was who I wanted to be. Thus, much to my parents delight, it was decided that I should pursue my higher studies in Allen, Kota.

Precisely, one month before my departure to Kota (and after my dad paid the school fee) realization hit me that I was not following my heart. Call it God willing, call it destiny or call it a wake up call. It was like a rainbow after a rainy day. Unexpected yet relieving at the same time. Much to my parents and even my shock, I gave the idea a big thumbs down.

Being the perfectionist or Monica Geller Jr. I am (shoutout to all you Friends fans!) I was piqued that I hadn’t had my life planned out. But if there is anything I’ve learned within these 16 years it’s that life dances to its own tune. Follow your heart, dear readers, and you will know sooner or later where you are headed. I know it’s easier said than done, but with a pinch of dedication and a dose of hard work you will find out your answer.

Have you ever been in the same situation like me? Let me know in the comments below!

But for now,

Goodbye lovely readers and happy blogging!

Who am I?

Who am I??

That’s one question even I’m searching the answer for. But right now all I can say is that I’m a student, currently 16 in my junior year. Honestly this list can go on and on but for now let’s keep it brief

It quite scares me that I don’t know where I am headed though most of my pals have already decided what they want to do with their life. So that’s the main reason why I’m starting this blog. To seek my passion and know that there are others exactly like me who have no clue at all. Nope, just me? Oh I hope not!

People do tell me that writing in a journal helps me to keep my priorities in check and though that does work at times I feel that is not enough. Filling a book with words might add a dramatic flair in life but I do feel that it is meaningless as no one else can read it except the writer. This is why Penny and me can be great friends:) Get it, girl online fans?

Ta da! That’s it for now. I welcome all of your comments, insights and tips on how to make my blog better. But I must say that I do not tolerate cyber bullying. It’s great that you have your own opinion but my blog should be a site where people help each other and spread love and positiveness . So please keep your cynical views to yourself.

As this is my first blog I’ve kept it general. But please let me know what you want to read next in the comments.

Goodbye lovely readers!!

Happy blogging!